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  Ghetto Style
Title: Ghetto Style
Author: Gil Scott-Heron
Description: 21 track Cd album from 1998 on Camden.

Track listing
1. Revolution Will Not Be Televised
2. Or Down You Fall
3. Needle's Eye
4. I Think I'll Call It Morning
5. When You Are Who You Are
6. Save The Children
7. Did You Hear What They Said
8. Free Will
9. Speed Kills
10. Middle Of The Day
11. Pieces Of A Man
12. Sign Of The Ages
13. Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues
14. Lady Day And John Coltrane
15. Home Is Where The Hatred Is
16. No Knock
17. Revolution Will Not Be Televised (early version)
18. Sex Education Ghetto Style
19. Small Talk At 125th And Lenox
20. King Alfred Plan
21. Billy Green Is Dead

Format: CD Album
Condition Item: Very Good+
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £2.99


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