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Elvis Shakespeare Music & Books
  Now you can visit Elvis Shakespeare on the highstreet:

+44 (0)131 561 1363

347 Leith Walk

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Mon-Sat: 10.00-18.00
Sun: Closed for the winter (open again in May)

  Record grading system

All records and CDs are graded using a system based on the Record Collector system with a few amendments.

Covers are graded first, then the record or CD.

MINT : Brand new with no marks or deterioration in sound quality. Cover and any extras are in perfect condition.

EX+: Between EX and MINT

EX: The record shows signs of being played but there is no significant loss in sound quality. The cover and packaging may have slight wear or a tiny crease.

VG+: Between VG and EX.

VG: The record has clearly been played a number of times and may have surface marks or slight scratches but there is no major deterioration in sound quality. Normal wear and tear with cover and any extras, including creases but no tears or suchlike.

GOOD+: Between GOOD and VG.

GOOD: The record has clearly been played a lot and the sound quality has deteriorated noticeably and may have a scratch or distortion of sound. The cover and accessories may have folds, scuffing, spine splits or small tears or discolouring.

FAIR+: Between FAIR and GOOD.

FAIR: The record is still playable but has a lot of surface noise and may jump in one or two places. The cover may be torn, stained or defaced with writing.

POOR: The record will have a number of scratches, bad surface noise and may be considered almost unplayable. The cover and any other bits may be badly damaged or missing.

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