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  Guide To The British Economy
Title: Guide To The British Economy
Author: Peter Donaldson
Description: 1976 Penguin p/b edition. "Guide to the Britsh Economy is intended for the general reader who would like to have some grasp of what economics is about and what makes the economy tick, but who may find the textbook approach unpalatably abstract. Economic ideas, therefore, are presented here within the real context of teh british economy. The aim is both to give an impression of the working of the different elements in the economy analysis can be helpful in solving the problems which face policy-makers. In the first part of this introductory guide Peter Donaldson is mainly concerned with matters of finance, including the stock-market. After a full examination of industry, labout, and trade, he goes on, in the fina section of the book, to a general discussion of economic theories, their scope, and limitations.".
Format: P/B
Condition Item: Good
Condition Cover: Good
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £1.50


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