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  Some Loud Thunder
Title: Some Loud Thunder
Author: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Description: 11 track CD album from 2007 on Wichita.
1 Some Loud Thunder 3:47
2 Emily Jean Stock 4:00
3 Mama, Won't You Keep Those Castles In The Air And Burning? 4:27
4 Love Song No. 7 4:32
5 Satan Said Dance 5:32
6 Upon Encountering The Crippled Elephant 1:13
7 Goodbye To The Mother And The Cover 5:38
8 Arm And Hammer

Written-By Sean Greenhalgh, Tyler Sargent

9 Yankee Go Home 3:32
10 Underwater (You And Me) 5:18
11 Five Easy Pieces 6:47
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 2 item(s) available
Price: £1.99


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All the classic alt rock bands of the last 20 years like Nirvana, Oasis, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, plus more obscure stuff on labels like Sub Pop, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Wichita, Domino. :: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah :: Some Loud Thunder :: Alternative Rock/Grunge :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare