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  Quadrophenia (4CD/DVD/7")
Title: Quadrophenia (4CD/DVD/7")
Author: The Who
Description: 4CD/DVD/7" BOX SET from 2011 on Polydor. Some scuff marks on a couple of discs.
'Super-Deluxe' limited edition 5 CD/DVD box set.
Discs 1 & 2 feature the 2011 remastered album.
Discs 3 & 4 feature 25 demo tracks from Pete Townshend’s studio archive, including songs that didn’t make the finished album.
Disc 5 - The Quadrophenia 5.1. EP - is an exclusive eight track DVD-A re-mixed for 5.1 surround sound.
Also includes a replica 7" vinyl single featuring the hit single '5.15' b/w 'Water' in a picture sleeve. NOTE: the mix of '5:15' on this replica single is actually the 1979 remix from the 'Quadrophenia [original soundtrack]' album, not the 1973 UK single mix.

This set is presented in a package replicating the striking black and white imagery from the original vinyl LP photography and adds a never-seen colour out-take of the famous cover shot.
Includes a set of six facsimile memorabilia 'inserts' housed in a card envelope; deluxe 100-page, hard-back book featuring a brand new 13,000-word essay by Pete Townshend; previously unseen personal notes, photographs, handwritten lyrics and memorabilia from the period. Also features Pete's in depth, track-by-track guide to the demos and studio diary.
The Original Album : 2011 Remaster
CD1-1 –The Who I Am The Sea 2:10
CD1-2 –The Who The Real Me 3:21
CD1-3 –The Who Quadrophenia 6:13
CD1-4 –The Who Cut My Hair 3:45
CD1-5 –The Who The Punk And The Godfather 5:11
CD1-6 –The Who I'm One 2:38
CD1-7 –The Who The Dirty Jobs 4:29
CD1-8 –The Who Helpless Dancer 2:34
CD1-9 –The Who Is It In My Head? 3:43
CD1-10 –The Who I've Had Enough 6:16
CD2-1 –The Who 5.15 5:01
CD2-2 –The Who Sea And Sand 5:01
CD2-3 –The Who Drowned 5:27
CD2-4 –The Who Bell Boy 4:58
CD2-5 –The Who Doctor Jimmy 8:36
CD2-6 –The Who The Rock 6:37
CD2-7 –The Who Love Reign O'er Me 5:50
The Demos
CD3-1 –Pete Townshend The Real Me (Demo) 4:27
CD3-2 –Pete Townshend Quadrophenia - Four Overtures (Demo) 6:21
CD3-3 –Pete Townshend Cut My Hair (Demo) 3:30
CD3-4 –Pete Townshend Fill No. 1 - Get Out And Stay Out (Demo) 1:23
CD3-5 –Pete Townshend Quadrophenic - Four Faces (Demo) 4:04
CD3-6 –Pete Townshend We Close Tonight (Demo) 2:44
CD3-7 –Pete Townshend You Came Back (Demo) 3:19
CD3-8 –Pete Townshend Get Inside (Demo) 3:11
CD3-9 –Pete Townshend Joker James (Demo) 3:42
CD3-10 –Pete Townshend Punk (Demo) 4:56
CD3-11 –Pete Townshend I'm One (Demo) 2:39
CD3-12 –Pete Townshend Dirty Jobs (Demo) 3:48
CD3-13 –Pete Townshend Helpless Dancer (Demo) 2:16
CD4-1 –Pete Townshend Is It In My Head? (Demo) 4:13
CD4-2 –Pete Townshend Anymore (Demo) 3:22
CD4-3 –Pete Townshend I've Had Enough (Demo) 6:23
CD4-4 –Pete Townshend Fill No. 2 (Demo) 1:32
CD4-5 –Pete Townshend Wizardry (Demo) 3:11
CD4-6 –Pete Townshend Sea And Sand (Demo) 4:14
CD4-7 –Pete Townshend Drowned (Demo) 4:15
CD4-8 –Pete Townshend Is It Me? (Demo) 4:39
CD4-9 –Pete Townshend Bell Boy (Demo) 5:04
CD4-10 –Pete Townshend Doctor Jimmy (Demo) 7:30
CD4-11 –Pete Townshend Finale - The Rock (Demo) 8:00
CD4-12 –Pete Townshend Love Reign O'er Me (Demo) 5:12
5.1 Surround-Sound Mix
DVD-1 –The Who I Am The Sea
DVD-2 –The Who The Real Me
DVD-3 –The Who Quadrophenia
DVD-4 –The Who I've Had Enough
DVD-5 –The Who 5.15
DVD-6 –The Who Doctor Jimmy
DVD-7 –The Who The Rock
DVD-8 –The Who Love Reign O'er Me
Seven-Inch Vinyl Single
7"-A –The Who 5.15
7"-B –The Who Water
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX+
Condition Cover: EX+
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £119.99


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