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  Doing Time: The Politics Of Imprisonment
Title: Doing Time: The Politics Of Imprisonment
Author: Ward Churchill
Description: 15 tracks on CD from 2001 on AK Press Audio. US issue.

1 Greetings
2 Prisons And The Emergence Of The State
3 Law Serves Order
4 Order And Race
5 State Reponse To Resistance
6 A Case Study: LAPD, Ramparts Division
7 The Politicization Of Street Organizations
8 Counter Intelligence Program: Illegal Inception
9 Cointelpro And Politically Objectionable Citizens
10 The Key Agitator Index
11 The Inventory Of Techniques: Methods Of Neutralization
12 Superfluous Humans And A Culture Of Imprisonment
13 Rates Of Incarceration
14 A Slave Economy
15 Our Common Enemy: The State
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £2.99


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This is where the oddities, mainly on record, go. If it's Winston Churchill's speeches on Attila The Stockbroker ranting at you, then this is for you. Or, if you fancy a wee sermon, then how about Allen Ginsberg delivering his verdict on life and all that :: Ward Churchill :: Doing Time: The Politics Of Imprisonment :: Spoken Word :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare