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  CherNObyl: Endless Tragedy
Title: CherNObyl: Endless Tragedy
Author: Various
Description: 45 tracks on CD from 1997 on Friendly Cow.

1.1 –Anna Syomina Untitled
1.2 –Seein' Red No TV Sketch
2 –Harvey Wasserman Untitled
3 –Aurora (26) Cheap Anarchy
4.1 –Iouli Andreev Untitled
4.2 –Legitime Defence Bingo Jack
5 –Harvey Wasserman Untitled
6 –Those Who Survived The Plague Variations
7.1 –Amory Lovins Untitled
7.2 –Anarcrust Corruption
8 –Captain Not Responsible Spring Time
9 –Noam Chomsky Untitled
10 –Propagandhi Resisting Tyrannical Government (It's A Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It)
11 –Harvey Wasserman Untitled
12 –Crises What Crises Temple Of Science
13 –Manuela Kräuter Untitled
14 –Inquisition (3) Bulletproof
15 –Jello Biafra Untitled
16 –I Spy (2) God Rules
17 –Jello Biafra Untitled
18 –Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon Atomic Power
19 –Trümmer Sind Steine Der Hoffnung Leben
20 –Amory Lovins Untitled
21 –Mud Flap Girls We Are The Ones
22 –Noam Chomsky Untitled
23 –VHK* Megidézés-Spiritual Ceremony For Re-Membering
24 –Iouli Andreev Untitled
25 –Rhythm Collision Bombs For You
26 –Jello Biafra Untitled
27 –Schwartzeneggar The Way Things Are
28 –Iouli Andreev Hostages
29 –Iouli Andreev Your Enemy
30 –Iouli Andreev Safety
31 –Jello Biafra Flour And Strategy
32 –Jello Biafra Support
33 –Jello Biafra Golden Egg
34 –Jello Biafra Open Relationships
35 –Manuela Kräuter Underdog
36 –Harvey Wasserman Global Fishbowl
37 –Harvey Wasserman Non Violence
38 –Anna Syomina Silence
39 –Anna Syomina Ten Years Late
40 –Anna Syomina Chernobyl Today
41 –Noam Chomsky Organizer's Dream
42 –Noam Chomsky Minefield
43 –Amory Lovins Failure
44 –Amory Lovins Clinging To Life
45 –Amory Lovins Alternatives
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: Very Good+
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £1.99


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All the classic alt rock bands of the last 20 years like Nirvana, Oasis, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, plus more obscure stuff on labels like Sub Pop, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Wichita, Domino. :: Various :: CherNObyl: Endless Tragedy :: Alternative Rock/Grunge :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare