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  The Hour Of Bewilderbeast
Title: The Hour Of Bewilderbeast
Author: Badly Drawn Boy
Description: 18 track CD album from 2000 on Twisted Nerve. With lyric booklet.
1 The Shining 5:18
Cello - Matt McGeever
Co-producer, Engineer - Ken Nelson
French Horn - Sam Morris
Piano, Strings [Arrangements] - Badly Drawn Boy
Vibraphone - Ian Smith
2 Everybody's Stalking 3:39
Co-producer, Engineer - Ken Nelson
Drums - Ian Smith
Tambourine - Badly Drawn Boy
3 Bewilder 0:48
Organ - Badly Drawn Boy
4 Fall In A River 2:17
Co-producer, Engineer, Noises [Sound F-x] - Joe Robinson
Keyboards, Sequenced By [Drum Machine] - Badly Drawn Boy
5 Camping Next To Water 3:50
Co-producer, Engineer - Ken Nelson
Drums - Ian Smith
Keyboards - Badly Drawn Boy
6 Stone On The Water 3:58
Arranged By, Co-producer, Noises [Effects], Piano, Sequenced By [Drum Machine], Strings [Samples] - Andy Votel
Mixed By - Martin Desai
7 Another Pearl 4:27
Arranged By, Co-producer, Keyboards, Noises [Samples & Effects], Sequenced By [Drum Machine] - Andy Votel
Co-producer, Drum Programming, Engineer - Joe Robinson
Mixed By - Martin Desai
Piano - Badly Drawn Boy
8 Body Rap 0:45
Co-producer, Drum Programming, Engineer - Joe Robinson
Sequenced By [Drum Machine] - Badly Drawn Boy
9 Once Around The Block 3:44
Co-producer, Engineer - Away Team, The
Drums - Adrian Dacre
Vibraphone - Badly Drawn Boy
10 This Song 1:32
Recorded By - Joe Robinson
11 Bewilderbeast 3:30
Bass, Keyboards [Distorted] - Sam Morris
Cello - Matt McGeever
Drums - Sean Kelly (2)
Guitar [Electric] - Ian Smith
Handclaps - Alfie , Damon* , Ian Rainford
Piano, Xylophone - Badly Drawn Boy
12 Magic In The Air 3:43
Co-producer, Engineer - Ken Nelson
Harp, Piano - Badly Drawn Boy
13 Cause A Rockslide 5:55
Co-producer [End Section], Engineer [End Section], Theremin - Joe Robinson
Co-producer, Engineer - Ken Nelson
Drums, Percussion - Ian Smith
Keyboards, Noises [Effects], Piano - Badly Drawn Boy
14 Pissing In The Wind 4:19
Bass - Jimmy Goodwin
Co-producer, Engineer, Keyboards - Gary Wilkinson
Drums - Andy Williams (4)
Guitar [Electric & Slide] - Jez Williams
Harmonica, Tambourine - Badly Drawn Boy
Keyboards - Martin Rebelski
15 Blistered Heart 1:50
Co-producer, Drum Programming, Engineer, Keyboards - Gary Wilkinson
Keyboards [Lead] - Badly Drawn Boy
16 Disillusion 5:19
Bass - Jimmy Goodwin
Clavinet, Piano [Wurlitzer] - Martin Rebelski
Co-producer, Engineer - Gary Wilkinson
Drums - Andy Williams (4)
Guitar [Electric & Slide] - Jez Williams
Handclaps - Damon* , Derrick Santini , Sophie Williams (2)
Strings [Arrangements] - Paul Taylor (17)
17 Say It Again 4:41
Co-producer, Engineer, Noises [Sirens] - Gary Wilkinson
Cymbal, Organ, Percussion, Sequenced By [Drum Machine] - Badly Drawn Boy
Drums - Spencer Birtwistle
18 Epitaph 3:50
Backing Vocals - Clare Hewitt
Co-producer, Engineer, Sequenced By [Drum Machine] - Joe Robinson
Vocals, Whistling - Badly Drawn Boy
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: Very Good+
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 7 item(s) available
Price: £1.99


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