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  Elvis Shakespeare blogland

Elvis Shakespeare blogland

Welcome to Elvis Shakespeare blogland where the weather is intermittently overcast & gloomy with occasional showers of brightness. This is where we rant against the iniquities of life (but promise never to metion the damn trams).

For the practical stuff, such as instores, new collections etc, see the News Section on the home page.
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The Future Is Contradictory
Greetings British folk and welcome to the new walking, talking oxymoron that is CLEGGERON. This mythical beast is now walking among us made up of a Liberal head and Conservative arse (Liberal:not bound by authority or traditional orthodoxy. Conservative: averse to change.). What next? An alliance bwetween UKIP and The British Communist Party?
Nice acceptance speech by the head though. More abstract nouns and intensifiers than I have ever heard in a political speech (We want very freedom seemed to be the gist). Interesting that the arse couldnt be arsed and left it to Gruppenfuhrer Teresa May, whose opening line was We want a strong Britain with strong people. Sadly, during the 5 minutes I listened, there were no offers of free gym membership or buy one dumb-bell, get one free offers. Actually, that might be a great slogan for the coalition: buy one dumb-bell, get one free.
I give it 3 months tops.
Upcoming Elections
Greetings to the first ever Elvis Shakespeare blog.
Due to the fact that I am an old man, I can remember the Tories under T*****er. Unfortunately, I am no longer a youth desiring a new DVD player, but the owner of a wee shop myself; hence when the inevitable riots which will follow a Tory victory arrive, I will be barricaded inside my shop trying to stop youths, such as my former self, from smashing the windows in an attempt to liberate my stock. The riots of 1981 were a direct result of the Tories coming to power, slashing public spending and cutting taxes for the rich. Guess what the Tories are campaigning on this forthcoming election? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Do not vote for the bastards.

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