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  You Can Get it if You Really Want (2LP) (NEW)
Title: You Can Get it if You Really Want (2LP) (NEW)
Author: Jimmy Cliff
Description: 28 tracks on 2 LPs from Not Now Music. New.

LP1 S1 1 You Can Get it if You Really Want 2:43
LP1 S1 2 Time Will Tell 3:13
LP1 S1 3 Hey Mr Yesterday 2:53
LP1 S1 4 Be Ready 3:57
LP1 S1 5 Baby Let Me Feel It 4:12
LP1 S1 6 I'm A Winner 4:17
LP1 S1 7 Roll On Rolling Stone 4:06
LP1 S2 1 Many Rivers To Cross 2:41
LP1 S2 2 Beware 3:01
LP1 S2 3 True Story 3:43
LP1 S2 4 Samba Reggae 3:55
LP1 S2 5 Jimmy Jimmy 3:49
LP1 S2 6 Shout For Freedom 7:48
LP1 S2 7 She Does It Right 2:57
LP2 S1 1 My Ancestors 3:25
LP2 S1 2 Hello Sunshine 2:44
LP2 S1 3 Oneness 3:49
LP2 S1 4 Peace 4:54
LP2 S1 5 Come Into My Life 2:50
LP2 S1 6 War A Africa 5:03
LP2 S1 7 My World Is Blue 2:53
LP2 S2 1 Better Days Are Coming 3:18
LP2 S2 2 Stepping Out Of Limbo 3:34
LP2 S2 3 Breakout 4:26
LP2 S2 4 Haunted 5:07
LP2 S2 5 Bongo Man A Come 3:59
LP2 S2 6 Where Did It Go 3:16
LP2 S2 7 Let's Dance 2:43
Format: LP Album
Condition Item: Mint
Condition Cover: Mint
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £19.99


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Check for rare and not-so-rare vinyl by the clasiscs such as Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Burning Spear and Peter Tosh, and British reggae like Black Uhuru and Steel Pulse. Jah Woosh LPs snuggle up to Yabby You dub classics. A number of 7" collectablers by :: Jimmy Cliff :: You Can Get it if You Really Want (2LP) (NEW) :: Reggae/Dub/Ska/Ragga :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare