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  Legends (3xCD BOX)
Title: Legends (3xCD BOX)
Author: Dionne Warwick
Description: 3xCD album Box Set from 2005 on BMG.
1-1 –Dionne Warwick I'll Never Love This Way Again
1-2 –Dionne Warwick Deja Vu
1-3 –Dionne Warwick After You
1-4 –Dionne Warwick In Your Eyes
1-5 –Dionne Warwick No Night So Long
1-6 –Dionne Warwick Easy Love
1-7 –Dionne Warwick We Never Said Goodbye
1-8 –Dionne Warwick Somebody's Angel
1-9 –Dionne Warwick Reaching For The Sky
1-10 –Dionne Warwick It's The Falling In Love
1-11 –Dionne Warwick Some Changes Are For Good
1-12 –Dionne Warwick Now We're Starting Over Again
1-13 –Dionne Warwick Dedicate This Heart
1-14 –Dionne Warwick Even A Fool Would Let Go
1-15 –Dionne Warwick There's A Long Road Ahead Of Us
1-16 –Dionne Warwick With Johnny Mathis Friends In Love
1-17 –Dionne Warwick For You
1-18 –Dionne Warwick Can't Hide Love
2-1 –Dionne Warwick With Johnny Mathis Got You Where I Want You
2-2 –Dionne Warwick Never Gonna Let You Go
2-3 –Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker
2-4 –Dionne Warwick Take The Short Way Home
2-5 –Dionne Warwick All The Love In The World
2-6 –Dionne Warwick Yours
2-7 –Dionne Warwick With Luther Vandross How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye
2-8 –Dionne Warwick Got A Date
2-9 –Dionne Warwick So Amazing
2-10 –Dionne Warwick What Can A Miracle Do
2-11 –Dionne Warwick I Can Let Go Now
2-12 –Dionne Warwick With Stevie Wonder It's You
2-13 –Dionne Warwick Moments Aren't Moments
2-14 –Dionne Warwick With Glenn Jones Finder Of Lost Loves
2-15 –Dionne Warwick With Barry Manilow Run To Me
2-16 –Dionne Warwick Without Your Love
2-17 –Dionne Warwick No One In The World
2-18 –Dionne Warwick You Made Me Want To Love Again
3-1 –Dionne Warwick Featuring Gladys Knight, Elton John & Stevie Wonder That's What Friends Are For
3-2 –Dionne Warwick Whisper In The Dark
3-3 –Dionne Warwick Stay Devoted
3-4 –Dionne Warwick Stronger Than Before
3-5 –Dionne Warwick With Jeffrey Osborne Love Power
3-6 –Dionne Warwick With Kashif Reservations For Two
3-7 –Dionne Warwick With Howard Hewett Another Chance To Love
3-8 –Dionne Warwick With June Pointer Heartbreak Of Love
3-9 –Dionne Warwick With Jeffrey Osborne Take Good Care Of You And Me
3-10 –Dionne Warwick With The Spinners* I Don't Need Another Love
3-11 –Dionne Warwick Walk Away
3-12 –Dionne Warwick Night And Day (Jazz Version)
3-13 –Dionne Warwick Sunny Weather Lover
3-14 –Dionne Warwick Where My Lips Have Been
3-15 –Dionne Warwick Friends Can Be Lovers
3-16 –Dionne Warwick Fragile
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: EX+
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £6.99


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