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  Call Off The Search (CD & DVD)
Title: Call Off The Search (CD & DVD)
Author: Katie Melua
Description: 12 track CD with Video and 15 track DVD from 2004 on Dramatico. In card slipcase.

CD-1 Call Off The Search 3:24
CD-2 Crawling Up The Hill 3:25
CD-3 The Closest Thing To Crazy 4:12
CD-4 My Aphrodisiac Is You 3:34
CD-5 Learning The Blues 3:23
CD-6 Blame It On The Moon 3:47
CD-7 Belfast (Penguins And Cats) 3:21
CD-8 I Think It's Going To Rain Today 2:30
CD-9 Mockingbird Song 3:06
CD-10 Tiger In The Night 3:07
CD-11 Faraway Voice 3:13
CD-12 Lilac Wine 4:12
CDVideo Katie Melua - Starting Out, 2003 6:36

Katie Melua - On Stage And Backstage (49:39)
DVD-1 Faraway Voice
DVD-2 I Put A Spell On You
DVD-3 The Closest Thing To Crazy
DVD-4 My Aphrodisiac Is You
DVD-5 I Think It's Going To Rain Today
DVD-6 Belfast
DVD-7 Mockingbird Song
DVD-8 Crawling Up A Hill
DVD-9 Call Off The Search
DVD-10 Anniversary Song
DVD Extras
DVD-11 The Making Of Call Off The Search (Promo Film) 5:42
DVD-12 The Closest Thing To Crazy (Promo Film) 4:13
DVD-13 Call Of The Search (Promo Film) 3:23
DVD-14 Crawling Up A Hill (Promo Film) 3:30
DVD-15 Katie Melua Starting Out 2003 6:36
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £3.99


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Mainly on vinyl though there are a number of CDs in stock. We have a large selection of 1930s stuff, particularly New Orleans. Buy discounted Kid Ory, Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong albums or search for the deleted gems of Robert Watson, Larry Coryell, B :: Katie Melua :: Call Off The Search (CD & DVD) :: Jazz :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare