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  The Sound Of Young America (PROMO)
Title: The Sound Of Young America (PROMO)
Author: The Voices
Description: 7 tracks on CD from 2007 on My Kung Fu. Promo issue in card sleeve. Promo info sticker on rear.

1 The Sound Of Young America 5:17
2 I'll Always Be Within You When There's No One Left Inside 7:51
3 Second Wave 3:44
4 You Shared A Smile I Thought Was True... 4:07
5 ...You Broke A Heart I Gave To You 8:56
6 Don't Let Go 6:55
7 Love 5:51
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £2.99


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Come and talk to oor Michael in the shop about these bands as he is the drummer in The Thanes and knows more about this stuff that most. Zappa nestles up to the sadly departed Mr Beefheart. We get nice psych comps in and lots o f classic beat records by T :: The Voices :: The Sound Of Young America (PROMO) :: Garage/Psychedelic/Beat/Mod/Psychobilly :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare