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  Black Secret Technology (REMASTERED)
Title: Black Secret Technology (REMASTERED)
Author: A Guy Called Gerald
Description: 13 tracks on reissued CD from 2008 on A Guy Called Gerald Music. Remastered.
This is a reissue of the 1995 A Guy Called Gerald - Black Secret Technology release, but this version (on Gerald Simpson's own label) has a slightly different tracklisting to the previous two releases.

1 So Many Dreams 6:44
2 Alita's Dream 5:00
3 Finley's Rainbow (Slow Motion Mix) 5:29
4 The Nile 4:14
5 Energy (Extended Mix)

Written-By Goldie

6 Silent Cry 5:16
7 Dreaming Of You 6:11
8 Survival 5:43
9 Cybergen 4:32
10 The Reno 5:17
11 Cyberjazz 4:51
12 Voodoo Rage 5:59
13 Life Unfolds His Mystery 4:58
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX+
Condition Cover: EX+
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £9.99


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