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  Nightmares In Wonderland: Rubble 3
Title: Nightmares In Wonderland: Rubble 3
Author: Various
Description: 16 track vinyl Lp on Bam Caruso.

Reissue series: RUBBLE Volume Three Choice U.K. Psychotic Freakbeat from the sixties.
From The Original Mastertapes. This LP was first released by Bam Caruso Records in 1986
A1 Brain, The (9) Nightmares In Red
A2 Focus Three 10,000 Years Behind My Mind
A3 Pretty Things, The Talkin' About The Goodtimes
A4 Bamboo Shoot The Fox Has Gone To Ground
A5 Wild Silk Visions In A Plaster Sky
A6 Mark Wirtz He's Our Dead Old Weatherman
A7 Lemon Tree, The William Chalker's Time Machine
A8 Koobas, The Barricades
B1 Aquarian Age 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box
B2 Pretty Things, The Mr Evasion
B3 Executive, The* Gardena Dreamer
B4 Chances Are, The Fragile Child
B5 Ipsissimus Hold On
B6 Edwick Rumbold Shades Of Grey
B7 Penny Peeps, The Model Village
B8 Tomorrow (2) Revolution
Format: LP Album
Condition Item: Very Good+
Condition Cover: Very Good
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £7.99


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Come and talk to oor Michael in the shop about these bands as he is the drummer in The Thanes and knows more about this stuff that most. Zappa nestles up to the sadly departed Mr Beefheart. We get nice psych comps in and lots o f classic beat records by T :: Various :: Nightmares In Wonderland: Rubble 3 :: Garage/Psychedelic/Beat/Mod/Psychobilly :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare