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Title: Poltergeeks
Author: Penpushers
Description: 12 track NEW cd album from 2006 on KFM.
1 Hero Today Gone Tomorrow 3:21
2 Forever Miscellaneous + Misunderstood 3:55
3 Fear Not The Accusations Of A Thousand Index Fingers... 4:18
4 Broken Man 0:59
5 Fairy Press 5:33
6 Breathe Deeply 4:43
7 Silicon Infants 5:01
8 Fair Weather Friend 4:50
9 Goodman Speakers Are Shit! 0:52
10 Mermaids Tail 4:15
11 Victim Of A Car Crash 3:41
12 Poltergeeks 4:49
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: Mint
Condition Cover: Mint
Quantity: 3 item(s) available
Price: £4.99


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Boy, have we got a lot of stuff in on vinyl. From classic LPs by Run DMC, Public Enemy and their ilk, to labels like Cold Chillin (with the marvellous Mr Biz Markie). Cut & paste boys abound: DJ Shadow, Coldplay, Warp records stuff. Old radicals shout thi :: Penpushers :: Poltergeeks :: Hip Hop/Rap :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare