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Title: Arkology
Author: Lee Perry
Description: Triple CD box set from 1997 on Island. 52 tracks on 3 CDs of Mr Perry mixing artists such as The Upsetters, Max Romeo & Junior Murvin amongst others. With 52 page book. Slipocase is in VG condition, worn at corners and book mint.
Reel I Dub Organiser
1-01 Lee Perry & The Upsetters Dub Revolution Part 1 (Previously Unreleased Alternate Take) 4:44
1-02 Max Romeo One Step Forward 3:52
1-03 Upsetters, The One Step Dub (Extended Mix) 4:06
1-04 Devon Irons Vampire 3:17
1-05 Upsetters, The Vamp A Dub 3:16
1-06 Heptones, The Sufferer's Time (Previously Unreleased Alternate Take) 3:55
1-07 Upsetters, The Sufferers Dub (Extended Mix) 4:17
1-08 Junior Dread Sufferers Heights (Alternate Mix) 4:32
1-09 Congos, The Don't Blame On I (Previously Unreleased Song From The "Heart Of The Congos" Sessions) 4:05
1-10 Meditations, The Much Smarter 3:56
1-11 Upsetters, The Much Smarter Dub 4:42
1-12 Meditations, The Life Is Not Easy (Alternate Mix)

Producer Meditations, The

1-13 Upsetters, The Life Is Not Easy Dub (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix)

Producer Meditations, The

1-14 Junior Murvin Tedious (Extended Mix) 5:04
1-15 Max Romeo War In A Babylon 4:51
1-16 Upsetters, The Revelation Dub 5:01
1-17 Heptones, The Mr. President

Featuring Jah Lion

1-18 Max Romeo Chase The Devil 3:28
Reel II Dub Shepherd
2-01 Lee Perry Dreadlocks In Moonlight 3:46
2-02 Mikey Dread Dread At The Mantrols 3:47
2-03 Errol Walker In These Times 4:39
2-04 Upsetters, The In These Times Dub (Previously Unreleased) 3:24
2-05 Max Romeo Norman (Extended Domino Mix)

Featuring Upsetters, The

2-06 Junior Murvin Police & Thieves 3:40
2-07 Glen DaCosta Magic Touch 4:03
2-08 Jah Lion Soldier & Police War 4:09
2-09 Upsetters, The Grumblin' Dub 3:18
2-10 Junior Murvin Bad Weed (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix) 4:02
2-11 Errol Walker John Public 4:21
2-12 Errol Walker John Public (Version) (Previously Unreleased)

Featuring Enos Barnes

2-13 Junior Murvin Roots Train (Extended Mix With Previously Unreleased Toast)

Featuring Dillinger

2-14 Meditations, The No Peace 3:30
2-15 Upsetters, The No Peace Dub 4:20
2-16 Raphael Green Rasta Train (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix)

Featuring Dr. Alimantado

2-17 Upsetters, The Party Time Part 2 4:34
Reel III Dub Adventurer
3-01 Augustus Pablo Vibrate On (Previously Unreleased Alternate Cut)

Featuring Upsetter, The

3-02 Upsetters, The Vibrator (Previously Unreleased Alternate Cut) 4:35
3-03 Upsetters, The Bird In Hand 3:30
3-04 Congos, The Congoman (Previously Unreleased Alternate Vocal Take) 5:52
3-05 Upsetters, The Dyon Anasawa (Alternate Mix)

Featuring Full Experience

3-06 Upsetters, The Rastaman Shuffle (Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix) 5:16
3-07 Heptones, The Why Must I (Version) (Extended Mix With Previously Unreleased Scat Vocal) 4:57
3-08 Heptones, The Make Up Your Mind (Previously Unreleased Outtake From "Party Time" Sessions) 3:45
3-09 Upsetter Review, The Closer Together

Featuring Junior Murvin

3-10 Keith Rowe (2) Groovy Situation 3:26
3-11 Upsetters, The Groovy Dub 3:33
3-12 George Faith To Be A Lover (Have Some Mercy) 7:56
3-13 Lee Perry Soul Fire 3:58
3-14 Lee Perry Curly Locks 4:09
3-15 Congos, The Feast Of The Passover (Extended Mix) 3:36
3-16 Lee Perry Roast Fish & Cornbred (Extended Mix) 4:26
3-17 Upsetters, The Corn Fish Dub (Extended Mix) 4:26
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £12.99


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