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  Godstar: Thee Director's Cut (2CD)
Title: Godstar: Thee Director's Cut (2CD)
Author: Psychic TV
Description: 23 tracks on 2 CDs from 2004 on Temple. CD booklet and CD are Ex. Die-cut 'O' card is rubbed round the edges and one of the bits of the psychic cross cutout has torn off and the others are creased.

1-1 Godstar (Monterey Pop Festival Mix) 5:43
1-2 Being Lost 3:52
1-3 Godstar (Ready Steady Go Mix) 3:40
1-4 Amazing Vibrations 7:04
1-5 A Mind Blown Is A Mind Throne 4:31
1-6 As Tears Go By 3:42
1-7 Godstar (Tangiers Mix) 5:36
1-8 Thee Starlit Mire 5:40
1-9 Je T'Aime, Moi Non Plus 6:27
1-10 Southern Coumfort 3:46
1-11 Just Like Arcadia 4:00
1-12 Thee Dweller 6:42
1-13 Over Painted Smiles (Mysterious Well) 3:42
2-1 Abstract Reality 3:48
2-2 We Kiss 3:38
2-3 Godstar (Cotchford Farm Mix) 3:34
2-4 Baby's Gone Away 2:48
2-5 Roman P 5:30
2-6 Good Vibrations 3:59
2-7 Eve Ov Destruction 9:31
2-8 Godstar (Thee Brian Meets Bryin Mix) 6:49
2-9 Brian Jones' Visit To Jajouka Is Described By Brion Gysin To Genesis Beyer P-Orridge In Paris In 1985 11:27
2-10 Godstar, Bryin Meets Brian (Suffering Clown Re-Mix) 6:53
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: Good
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £14.99


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Nestled up to the punk vinyls are a few oddballs like Mr P.Orridge, Crust, Drain , Foetus (Mr Thirlwell in his many disguises), Ganger and other experimental noiseniks. :: Psychic TV :: Godstar: Thee Director's Cut (2CD) :: Industrial :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare