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  Mission Is Terminated / Nice Tracks (LP+12'')
Title: Mission Is Terminated / Nice Tracks (LP+12'')
Author: Throbbing Gristle / Various
Description: 42 track LP and 4 track 12'' vinyl from 1983 on Nice Label. Italian issue. 1 inch long tear on top edge with red stain across sleeve.

Nice Tracks
A1 –Confusional Quartet Inno D' Italia 1:04
A2 –Jessica (14) J.T.J (Interview About Ice-cream – Summer 1982) 0:07
A3 –XX Century Zorro Tape-cuttings From The Cassette "La Côte D' Azur" 2:40
A4 –Elvis Presley Las Vegas – August 22, 1969 0:03
A5 –Sandra Soster Phone Call – July 7, 1982 0:05
A6 –Marco Bertoni / Gianni Gitti Calì 4:18
A7 –Mark Perry A&M Meeting In Police Tent – Reading – August 28, 1979 0:35
A8 –Skizo Fade Sooner 4:15
A9 –Gillo Pontecorvo La Battaglia Di Algeri (Excerpt) 0:15
A10 –Federico Fellini Toby Dammit (Excerpt) 0:07
A11 –Enrico Serotti 1.707.000 1:24
A12 –No Artist Chinese Woman 0:02
A13 –Sergio Leone Giù La Testa (Excerpt) 0:08
A14a –Monofonic Orchestra La Storia Del West 2:35
A14b –Marco Guidi Conversations In Bologna At The Tinello Restaurant On September 9, 1981
A15 –Radetzky E Gli Isotopi Il Funerale Di Fruit Flavoured Drops 1:40
A16 –Salvatore Sechi Conversations In Bologna At The Tinello Restaurant On September 9, 1981 0:03
A17 –Luca Miti Cervello 3:47
A18 –Duran Duran From An Interview With Red Ronnie – London, Lindsay Hotel – June 2, 1981 1:02
B1 –Carmelo Bene From William Shakespeare's "Giulietta E Romeo"
B2 –Rats Tattoo 4:08
B3 –Pope Giovanni Paolo I Discourse On September 1978 0:03
B4 –Ari* From A Video-Interview In Modena On September 2, 1981 0:08
B5 –XX Century Zorro Lacoste Azure 1:35
B6 –Gianni Gitti Message On The Answering Service 0:08
B7a –Marco Bertoni / Gianni Gitti Saionara 2:00
B7b –No Artist Russian Radio - Yuri Gagarin Is In The Space - From The Announcement
B8 –Alfred Hitchcock From A BBC Interview 0:04
B9 –No Artist Radio Prague - Last Appeals During The German Invasion Of September 1939 0:14
B10 –Neon (10) Stelle E Strisce 3:17
B11 –Stevo (5) Taken From The Presentation Of Psychic TV – London, Ritzy Theatre – October 2, 1982 0:05
B12a –Psychic TV Tape Cuttings From Their First Public Exhibition During The Final Academy – London, Ritzy Theatre – October 2, 1982 1:37
B12b –Oderso* Cut One
B12c –Majakovskji Words
B13 –O-Zone (4) Hommage A Duke Ellington 3:15
B14 –Antonin Artaud Excerpt From "Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu" 0:06
B15 –No Artist Red Indians - Indian Song 0:08
B16 –Cigaro* Frisbee 1:40
B17 –Genesis P-Orridge Conversations In Rome At The Florentina Restaurant On March 20, 1981 0:03
B18 –Lord Peter Christopherson* Conversations In Rome At The Florentina Restaurant On March 20, 1981 0:02
B19 –No Artist French Girl - Heavy Breathings In The Porno Film "Les Petites Filles" 0:19
B20 –Confusional Quartet Senza Titolo 2:44
B21 –Ronnie Peterson (2) From An Interview In Austria At The F1 Grand Prix On August 1978, Two Weeks Before His Fatal Accident 0:02
B22 –Federico Fellini Toby Dammit (Excerpt) 0:28
B23 –Claudia Lloyd Femme Fatale 1:52
B24 –Enrico Maria Salerno Untitled
Mission Is Terminated
C1 –Throbbing Gristle You Dont No 5:18
C2 –Throbbing Gristle Damaru Sunrise 5:09
D1 –Throbbing Gristle Medicine For Catholic Sex (Love Song For Paula) 5:10
D2 –Throbbing Gristle Exotic Violence Della Morte 4:52
Format: LP Album
Condition Item: Very Good+
Condition Cover: Good+
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £29.99


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